Aladdins Lamp

Slot machine test: Aladdin's lamp

The tale of Aladdin's magic lamp is the perfect name for a slots known throughout the world and particularly in an online casino. The reason is simple, because after Aladdin has grated on his magic lamp, a genie who must fulfil his wishes appeared. And wealth plays a role, what is not the worst idea for an online slots as well. However, nothing is given you because the slot has a few lines and rolling. On the other hand, this means that it is again good profits. Speaking of wealth: Aladdin's lamp has a progressive jackpot that increases every minute and is especially appealing. All in all the game earns its title, because it can get to really like in a fairy tale. You can play Aladdin's lamp in the online casino and you there looking after the fabled jackpot. There are no free games or demos mostly due to the jackpots.

Play Aladdins Lamp online now!

Aladdin's lamp play online

Where in the description so much magic in the game, as worth a look for you really. As soon as you you in the slots casino have logged, you can go with the corresponding voucher. Aladdin's lamp is a very simple game machine, which has no bonus features, except of course the progressive jackpot. But with only three reels and features you can take home some profits from Aladdin's lamp. The icons are well equipped and are reminiscent of the famous Früchteslots.

Even when Aladdin's lamp looks somewhat bedraggled as other slots, it works but in the same way. Three horizontal paylines will help you to be able to make a profit. Because exactly these lines the same symbols to order must come together. In contrast to many other three reel slot there are also symbols that already bring a multiplier with only one field in Aladdin's lamp.

The slot game symbols in the Aladdin's lamp online slot

Depending on the symbol, there are multipliers, which will multiply your stake if its icon has made a number of fundamentally. You pay the usage per payline. Because there are no more than three lines in Aladdin's lamp, you can come to high profits with very little use.

The red diamond and the flying carpet are the two first symbols in Aladdin's lamp. You count from an appearance, but also in two - and three-way series. Both symbols are equal. Next follows the well-known bar symbol, that 25 is a factor and accordingly would multiply your bet. Of course, it is also possible that multiple payline in a round win. Not missing may 7, that is twice as much value as the bar symbol. Bringing still more especially the title magic lamp, but beaten it is by Aladdin itself, because has two thousandfold multipliers and in addition he brings you to the jackpot, however only, if all three paylines are activated.

Slot machines instructions from Aladdin's lamp

This online slot is of course easy to play, but you should not underestimate him because of his simplicity. Just because there are so few symbols, reels and lines, the gains are relatively common and a good bet and luck, you can spend a happy time with Aladdin's lamp. This of course also applies, if you crack the jackpot, which can sometimes go into the millions. And it applies also here: at some point, every casino is hit jackpot.

Aladdin's lamp has an AutoPlay function built in, with which you can let alone doing its job the slot. Simply press on AutoPlay, then select the number of rounds that will be launched automatically. With 'Stop', completing the automatic run.

If you just start with Aladdin's lamp, you should play not too high-stakes at the beginning, but quickly you can you also increase and thus get really good gains.